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Thursday, May 16, 2019

What Happens Above Saint Petersburg Dozens of UFO sightings

In the last 20 years There are Dozens of UFO sightings over St. Petersburg, Russia Some of them were documented in videos and photos. 1. In 1997 a group of bright orange UFO lights In the sky people watch this mysterious event Some were filmed in a video clip The lights are spaced and do not form a single block And we did not see anything like that at this time It is not a helicopter and does not resemble regular planes Suddenly the scattered light turns into a triangle UFOThe TR-3B Astra has been produced at this time I doubt that. 2. Later in 1997 A group of UFO lights in the sky We'll see UFO lights just like it In 2018. 3. In 2011 another set of lights Above the Cathedral Amid fear and fear of the public To be a Swedish attack. 4. In 2011 and after 4 years From 1997 video The same UFO lights appear in the same place And in the same way And remained there for almost the same time. 5. Later in 2011 A swarm of UFO lights crosses the street And is seen by many people 6. In April 2012 And one year after its appearance in 2011. 1997 lights come back again. 7. February 2013 Set of orange UFO Orbs Travel through the sky. 8. March 2013 A group of bright UFO lights in the sky. 9. In May 2013 The UFO lights return irregularly Which suddenly turns into a triangle. 10. 2015 Single orange light Keep in the sky for less than a minute Before he disappeared. 11. The irregular orange UFO Orb return again In 2016. Which dispersed and gathered In random movements beforeTurn into triangle UFO shape and disappear. 12. October 2017 A group of UFO lights are very close to the house And the surface of one of the buildings In a residential area In bold movement Of these mysterious UFO objects. 13. What ? What is that? I know these lights In April 2018 the same lights came back In the shape, shape and color The same moves are performed Before the shape of the triangle UFO turns and disappears. 14. May 2018 And during the World Cup in Russia A bright ball of light crosses the sky 15. June 2018 Single UFO light returns again. 16. And in September 2018 The same lights appeared in 1997 And in the same way. Say UFO researchers. ِAliens are always looking for what interests them on the planet Earth. Of military techniques and weapons especially nuclear weapons they often appear around nuclear reactors. And rocket launchers.Is there anything like this in Saint Petersburg?. We also did not had sightings of this density only In Area 51. Is there anything like that in Saint Petersburg?. Or this time they are attracted to civilization. not by aliens it is only a secret military technology. Why all these sightings over Saint Petersburg is it conceivable that technology with such progress have been exist since 1997. What Happens Above Saint Petersburg with everyone's silence.

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