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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

UFO in Turkey The aliens are clearly visible from its windows

A video of a UFO sighting in the skies of Turkey in the shape of a flying saucer has been recorded, which is considered the most important record of the phenomenon of flying saucers or so-called UFO so far. "I do not know what these things are, we have filmed them a number of times but have remained totally unknown to us, I was very happy to see them and I want to assure the whole world that the flying saucer are already there," Yalsen Yalman said. "He said. The two-and-a-half-hour footage in the summer of 2008 includes a variety of exotic objects, ranging from the bodies of a disk-shaped UFO to clusters of lights Orbs hovering in the night sky. "The physical shape of these objects and their metal structures were clearly visible, especially in the close-ups of this recording. The researcher studied the analysis and analyzed it and reached the result that it was 100%," researcher Haktan Akdugan of the Cyrus Center for Space Science and UFOs in Turkey said. Was unique and found that the body structures shown in the picture were not the result of a natural phenomenon, astronomical objects or known aircraft After doing a video check by specialists showing what is incredible Real extra terrestrial alien space creatures, clearly visible from the windows of the alien spaceship, do not resemble any human beings on Earth, asserting that there is a clever life for extraterrestrials creatures In our channel we try to answer some questions are aliens real? Is there extra terrestrial life outside the planet? Is there flying saucer? are UFO sightings real? RED STONE channel link ufo videos https://www.youtube.com/redstonetv

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